Educational psychology for parents and schools


Helping parents and schools to:Ā 

  • support children to feel less anxiousĀ about attending school.Ā 
  • show children how to get better at managing their emotions.
  • develop young people's confidence.
  • help children to initiate and sustain positiveĀ relationships.
  • develop children's social communication skills.Ā 
  • support young people to be more successful in their learning.Ā 

 Who are you? 

A parent or carer who:
  • has a child who is worried about attending school.
  • has a child with autism, ADHD or other special educational need that is causing them difficulties in school.
  • wants to better understand your child's needs.
  • wants to work with school staff to find ways to make life easier or happier for your child in school. 
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A school or academy trust who:
  • wants to empower their staff to better support children with SEND through training, consultation, assessment, solution circles or supervision.
  • is interested in ELSA training. 
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Nicky Odgers Educational Psychologist

Who am I?

Nicky Odgers is an educational psychologist, based in Cambridge, UK. She has worked as a senior educational psychologist for a Local Authority and is now working in private practice. She has a particular interest  in supporting children who are anxious about attending school.  

During her time at the Local Authority she led a project developing county wide guidance for schools and parents to support children with emotionally based school avoidance (EBSA). Nicky also oversaw the introduction of ELSA training, with nearly 200 ELSAs being trained in the first 2 years.  

Nicky trained as a secondary teacher at the University of Cambridge, before completing her educational psychology professional qualification at UCL in 2000. Through her extensive involvement in school governance, she has a detailed knowledge of school systems and how these can be used to support children experiencing difficulties. She has an MEd in Education Leadership and School Improvement from Cambridge University (Distinction).